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Viewing Lyrics for Your Cruel Thirst:

Artist:Divine Lust
Track:Your Cruel Thirst
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Angels fall from incatation
driven down by sad frustration
here where your mouth will never reach
your cruel thirst on me unleashed

Try to avoid tomorrow's grass
'cause yesterday still burns inside
'cause only past I'm long to live
'cause only you're past in time

Burning my heart
spears in my soul
you're gone in the rain
the storm will fall

Feeling no life inside of me
shadows from the trees will cover thee

Like screaming flowers
explode in my every scream
like laconic chants
you'll never hear

Sorrow eyes of limitation
left without no explanation
all your times are frail persistence
on the downwards ways of my existence
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