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Viewing Lyrics for Someone To Break The Spell:

Album:Broken Toy Shop
Track:Someone To Break The Spell
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:E/Jennifer Condos/R. Anderson/Susanna Hoffs)

You up there
Don't ya think there's something you can do?
Well no one ever told me it was gonna be this way

Me down here
Well look at all the things I try to do
Every day's another day but nothing else is new

Everything I see is broken
There's no water in the well
Oh wont't you please send me
Someone to break the spell?

Well is it me?
Or is it everyone that comes around?
They always stay a little while
But they're gone before too long

Hey you up there
Looking down upon this sorry scene
Is it what it's all about
Or is this some bad dream?


I've got a million dreams stuck in my head
If I could live a few before I'm dead
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