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Artist:Eddie Griffin
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Eddie Griffin]
Aww they say uhh..
.. a black man is a pimp
Well let me tell you the biggest pimp
on planet motherfuckin Earth, is her momma
It's her MOMMA that told her,
"Get a man that got a good job gurl!
Make sure he got a good car gurl!
Make sure he can take you out and buy you somethin gurl!"
What happened to just fallin in love with a nigga with a bus pass --
-- just cause you love the nigga?
But I'm the pimp motherfucker!
I gotta be the player!

Biggest hoes, on planet Earth..
.. are walkin through the motherfuckin neighborhood
You KNEW when you got with the nigga he already had a woman
You knew he already had a family
but you fucked him anyway!!!
And then when you thought you gon' lose the nigga
you went and got pregant - didn't you bitch, DIDN'T YOU!!
And then when the nigga ain't around, what do you tell the child?
"Aww that nigga ain't shit, that's why yo' daddy ain't here;
cause that nigga ain't shit."
How bout bein a woman, and tellin the kid the truth
that yo' momma, you was a hoe!
Momma was a hoe, I was weekend pussy
I had you to keep the nigga, it didn't work out
that's why he ain't here - but he a good nigga
cause he take care of his REAL family
I was just a dumb bitch, tryin to keep, a nigga that I wanted
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