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Viewing Lyrics for We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal:

Artist:Eddie Guerrero
Track:We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:O'lay Eddie
O'lay Chavito
Looking good homes
You to vito
Not as good as me baby
You wish esa
Hey check it out homes
Watch this man
Look at the mamacite walking down the street
Wanna ride in our lowrider
(Chorus x 2)

We got the latin heat
For the ladies we meet
We lie, we steal, we cheat
When we fight, you get beat

What's up ladies? It's Chavo and Eddie
We came to have fun, and we're ready
To get down with the mamacitas
Yeah, all the foxy senoritas
Come here girl, just take my hand
Even if you have a man
He can't do the things we can
Eddie and Chavo rule this land
We don't even get caught for nothing
You know why? Because we lie
We win every game we play
Hey!'cause we cheat all day
Everything you have,
we want it
Yeah, we'll steal it
if you flaunt it
Bring it on
If you think you're bad
it'll be the worst day
you ever had

(Chorus x 2)

I'm the C to the H to the A-V-O,
I'm the E double D-I-E you know
We eat all you wimps like a sandwich
Bilingual! You can't even speak Spanish
New lowrider everyday
Steal a new one, throw the old one away
Just like the girls... Find'em and forget'em
They wanna sit up front, but don't let'em
They may be hot, but it's not worth it
Put'em in the back seat, more room, that's perfect
She has a boyfriend, I don't care
One look at us, she wants to be here
It doesn't matter what what you think you see
I'm telling you dudes, don't ever trust me
We have muchas mamacitas
Eddie and Chavo get all the chicas
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