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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:D. Payne) just close your eyes and then give it away paint another black smile on another black day and if I had wings I'd just fly away but I'll bounce twice harder just throw it away unscrew the cap I'm not just a deathwish one more drink and Im just another head case rub three times give me a taste and I've found my real god one fifty one i've got my head on sack im six days on crack cause I cant score forward and I cant come back set a climitization for repeated misuse i dont need quite as much as i sometimes use I think that is but i can't recall I know right now cause im lookin to fall Yeah my hands are tyed im up against the wall and i got no friends at all but one fifty one find another way to waste my time fading fast but I feel just fine ask me way and ill say i found my real god i dont care if im all alone i dont care if i dont go home i dont care as long as i can light up and let it go one fifty one just get me drunk just get me high i dont care as long as i can make it by i got a bottle in my pocket one too many in my head 6 pack went down only 12 minutes from dead in a car crash scene or head on collision where i lost all my feelings and most of my vision riding much too slow on a retard bus but this is the way that i go one fifty one im on fire ill shoot to the moon got no family got no home and if you push too hard i just might slip and if you stick out the plug you know im going to trip yet you burn going down yet is stick in your throat i smile when you cut my last ray of hope do you know that you hurt do you know you feel good do you know it some times i sure wish you would just bring on back and give it away i paint another black smile on another black day its all i got its all i can say and im gone one fifty one find another way to waste my time fading fast but i feel just fine ask my why and ill say i found my real god i dont care if im all alone i dont care if i dont go home i dont care a
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Taken from the album  by Fade
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