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Viewing Lyrics for Part Vi Breakfast In Mayfair:

Artist:Fairport Convention
Album:Babbacombe Lee
Track:Part Vi Breakfast In Mayfair
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:The world has surely lost it's head, the news is full of crimes
There's robberies in The Telegraph and there's murders in The Times
And always more obituaries and even one of these
Concerns the brutal slaughter of one old Miss Emma Keyes

The police have got their man, they're sure, he never left the scene
Indeed, he raised a hue and cry, a most unusual thing
An arsonist, a murderer, his soul will soon be frying
He's young but old enough to kill and not too young for dying

Now it seems the populace will queue to see him stand in court
To hear him speak his wicked lies while smiling at his thoughts
This arrogant young ruffian is obviously guilty
Though nowhere does it say exactly how or why he killed her"

"Forget it dear, it's not the first, there's bound to be another
The way you carry on you'll have us thinking she's your mother
This man called Lee has had his day and soon he'll be forgotten
So put that paper down before your breakfast goes quite rotten
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