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Viewing Lyrics for Faster Disco (4:15):

Artist:Faith No More
Album:Introduce Yourself
Track:Faster Disco (4:15)
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Styling, you know you are styling
So turn to the mirror and blow yourself a kiss
It goes just like this
You've done it a thousand times
It's as easy as drinking wine, only now it's blood.

Here it come again
(treating you so kind)
Till it comes again
(leaving you no mind)

Your feelings, they flow without reason
So look to the stars above and
Blow it all away.
I come without warning
Some call me morning,
I wipe all your tears away, the evil ones I kill

Here it comes again
(treating you so kind)
Till it comes again
(leaving you no mind)
Taking the form of pain this time
It never treats you unkind
Your followers, lead them blind
And suck away their lives
Cause yours depends on it

Here it comes again

Chasing the night away
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