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Viewing Lyrics for Slow Motion Rain:

Artist:Fallen Angels
Album:The Last December
Track:Slow Motion Rain
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Life is slow
Makes the pain grow
And time doesn't pass
It isn't as fast
As it seems to the eyes
Of the guardians

Time isn't right
Unconsciuos facts
Makes us suffer in vain
Collect all the pain
And always get wet
By slowmotion rain

Slowmotion rain
Is like slowmotion tears
Created by slowmotion sadness
Consequence of slowmotion fears
Slowmotion pain
Getting us down on our knees
During slowmotion lives
And slowmotion nightmares
We live in

We live in...

Things are done
Facts are written
Everyone rolls their dice
Without thinking twice
Just trying to find
Someplace called Paradise

We are gone
Just dissappearing
Even if life's not fast
While the world turns around
In a wrong reality
Where even fish drown

Repeat Chorus

Slowmotion rain
Can't take the fire burning in me veins
Slowmotion pain
Infinite torture
Driving me crazy
You can't lose your hope
Forget it, there ain't no future
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