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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Who dat?, what?,
There they go, there they go
There they go
The same motherfuckers,
You know nigga it's fuckin' Friday
We doin' it like last Friday
(Niggas ain't got shit to do)
(So we gon' get fucked up)
Who dat?

[Verse 1]
Bert and Hussein, back to back now that's flammable
Smokin' ya brain, attack the track like we some animals
Mechanical, live wire jaw, rap cannibals
Fire force survive behind bars, like we unhurtable
Swervin' through Jerz emerge and serve you don't deserve to pull,
Another breath of oxygen,
Has is known for oxin' 'em
Kool Kas' chrome be droppin' 'em,
Killa Kane be lockin' Philipane
Drip from a toxic tongue
Get done wid it,
Out of control like we begun wid it
Bricks explode, licked you out the show
That nigga Bump did it
I block, like Murdock, army fatigued and,
Bout to store blocks an' Fort Knox ya minor league shit
Breathe this, ballistic, shell like Khadafi
Bringin' the blizzards when I make bail you can't stop me,
In jail all that I can see provoking hell,
Chokin' at a third rail velocity
Obviously ya men have, been barkin' up the wrong tree
Microphone strong deep bomb first
Ya mind burst within a rhyme verse
Dirty Bert rehearse the worse of me,
The black clip's burnin' me
The cat who act fraternity
The landscape's redded,
Fuck it ya man said it
Ya shoulda never let it escape
We won't wet it,
Squeezing, leavin holes in ya crew,
Maestro can stand through,
When I pass the Mac to Rock that nigga brand you
When I pass the Mac to Rock that nigga brand you

Ten out of ten
No ya chance is a ninth
We do jail wid no bail
Losin' hal
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Taken from the album  by Fatal
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