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Artist:Four Feet Fingers
Track:My Song
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Sometimes I wanna go home, but not home alone
Calling all my single friends on the telephone
I know for sure when i get a few drinks down me
I'll be doing crazy shit for everyone to see
And I'll say, the DJ will play my song
All my friends went back home
Won't you play that song I'm stood all alone
Play my song
Is it Friday or Saturday I just do not know
Please just play the song
The chances of playing it are so low
Seems like I've been wating for so long
With the beer here there's no fear of being lame
And nothing around me ever seems to be the same
Fumbling and stubling well that's just me
Get back to the house and where's my fucking keys
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Taken from the album  by Four Feet Fingers
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