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Viewing Lyrics for A Bad Day:

Artist:Jennings Waylon
Track:A Bad Day
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Verse 1:
I guess it all started when I woke up this morning
Everything seemed okay
'Til I let my pet snake get loose in the kitchen
Now I've been in trouble all day

Verse 2:
I got some paint on the wall, a pretty orange color
And a little on the carpet and floor
I covered it up with mom's coat from the closet
That she says she can't wear anymore

I've had a bad, bad day
Not like I thought it would be
I've had a bad,bad day
It seems like everyone's pickin' on me

Verse 3:
I put some sand in my grandpa's tobacco
And he frowned at me all day
Then I hid his pipe 'cause it smells when he smokes it
He shouldn't smoke anyway

Verse 4:
So between mom's coat and my grandpa's tobacco
Life can be rough on a kid
They've almost worn out the seat of my britches
It don't hurt much now,but it did

Chorus (x2).
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