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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Look at us here today
Lots of talking with nothing to say
And if I seem somewhat afraid
I'm surviving, that's all I am
I'm surviving to be a better man
I'm surviving, that's my plan
Just surviving

Yesterday, I was sure
But today I don't know anymore
Thought I was brave till I saw
My frightened reflection in a dark corridor
Now I'm surviving to be a better man
I'm surviving with an emotional plan
I'm surviving, so please understand
I'm surviving, surviving

There are millions of people out there
Trying to get by in a world that don't care
People smiling through clouds of despair
Protecting the wounds until they repair
They're surviving the best way they can
They are surviving every woman and man
Just surviving with an emotion plan
So keep surviving

Maybe it's my shattered pride
That's why I get scared of emotional ties
Don't let them in, otherwise
You'll smile like a fool
But you'll be hurting inside
So I'm surviving through the insecurity
I am surviving, I got hope inside of me
So I'm smiling through all the insanity
I'm surviving, surviving

I was moved by the way that you said
Don't be afraid, I won't leave you for dead
You took my soul and mixed up my head
You left me alive
You should have killed me instead
Now I'm surviving, that's all I am
I'm surviving to be a better man
I'm surviving, that's my plan
I'm surviving, surviving
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