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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Come on little man now all's said and done
All tht I'm asking is you show me some fun
I need purple veins and scenic greens
They can make me soar and touch extremes

I just fell down from whitest skies
And now I start to realise
And all the colours talk to me

And if I had wings then I could take you in
I'd stay on the ground and I could teach you things
The grass is strewn with blades of gold
These sights and songs I have been told
All hopes desires that seem to sing

Come on little man now you're times nearly through
Colours are dripping down red and blue
I'm standing in the middle of a great glass ball
I'm told that I've nothing but I'm having it all

I just rose up from blackest seas
My eyes were opened so widely
And its a shame to end this way
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No album artwork found
  1. Thumbnail 2:46

    Lush: "Thoughtforms"

    Lush: "Thoughtforms" From the Album: Gala...

    Views: 2

  2. Thumbnail 2:50
  3. Thumbnail 2:34

    Lush - Thoughtforms (Roskilde Festival 1991)

    Lush - Thoughtforms live at Roskilde Festival 1991.

    Views: 3

  4. Thumbnail 2:46


    Provided to YouTube by [Merlin] Beggars Thoughtforms Lush Scar ? 1989 4AD Ltd Released on: 1989-10-09 Auto-generated by YouTube.

    Views: 0

  5. Thumbnail 2:46

    Lush - Thoughtforms

    images from hubble. music by lush.

    Views: 3

  6. Thumbnail 5:28

    l u s h thoughtforms a n d thoughtforms

    Scar mini album, 1989 Producer, Engineer: John Fryer, Lush Mad Love 12", 1990 Producer, Engineer: Robin Guthrie .

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  7. Thumbnail 2:46
  8. Thumbnail 2:44

    Lush - Thoughtforms (Live) 4/25/2016 The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA.

    Shoegaze pioneers Lush perform Thoughtforms from the 1989 mini album Scar (Later re-released in the US on the 1990 album Gala) on April 25, 2016,...

    Views: 3

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