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Viewing Lyrics for Grape Ape:

Artist:M I L C
Album:This Is Where Me And The Wife Live
Track:Grape Ape
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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You said I didn't have a ghost of a chance
In your book,
Well, take another look
I'm not finished yet.
Stipulations you hang around my neck like a chain -
Each link represents your discontent.

What's the big picture,
What can I see,
Whatever happened
To your faith in me?
Where's it gone?

I bust my ass but I'm always wrong,
Seven different ways to write a song,
Change your clothes, the way you play -
Slapped with a fine
'Cause you showed up to rehearsal late.
And I bust my ass but I'm always wrong,
It's been your game,
I just played along,
We center around what you always need,
Now I'm afraid to admit
There's a little discrepancy.

But I've been with you all along
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