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Artist:Mad Dog Loose
Album:Material Sunset
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Ya can fight it all out
Ya can figure and shout
To somebody who's in
At somebody who's out
I can turn myself in
Into trouble tonight
I can shake it and spin
With a shuffle to thin
We got nothing to fear
You just want me to see
Behind every corner
There's a humble bee
It can sting you for real
It can lick you for free
You want me to fly
You crazy butterfly
You can roll it for fun
You can lay down and run
You can stretch it for double
And the shuffle is done
Turn it upside down
Take it inside out
You want me to fly
You crazy butterfly
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Taken from the album  by Mad Dog Loose
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    Mad dog loose - Shuffle

    One of the songs of the album "Material sunset" ---- PLEASE RATE THE SONG OF MY UNCLE :)

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    MAD DOG LOOSE - HIGH FIVE (Official Video)

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    Mad dog shuffle

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    Mad Dog Loose: Laser Advice

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    mad as shuffle video i swear no lies

    me shufflin ma boys are filmin nd playin music. its mad i swear.

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