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Viewing Lyrics for 4, 3, 2, 1 (E-Dub Remix):

Track:4, 3, 2, 1 (E-Dub Remix)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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[Erick Sermon] Def Jam, No Limits
[Master P] No Limit
[Erick Sermon] Def Squad
[Redman] Wu-Tang, and beyond

[Redman]Aiyyo, one two three four five six seven
Blaze the hot
[LL Cool J]
trizack that sound like heaven
Seven six five four three two one
My mon Meth-Tical come and get some

[Method Man]
Playin my position, hot Nixon
This one, for all the sick ones, confliction
Posionous darts sickening, best believe
finger itchin with two broke legs, now I'm trippin
on MC's cliche, shot that ricochets
start trouble bust bubbles, hip to wicked ways
Gotta love me, G-O-D no one above me
Look good but fuck ugly, tap your jaw
from my Punch Buggy sunnin you
Got you shittin in your last Huggie, runnin who?
Fuckin punk, get a speed bump comin through
A single shot make your knees knock, respect Wu

Aiyyo I put it on a nigga, shit it on a nigga
Turnin Christian to a certified sinner
The bomb I release, time pent up (explodes)
While you got set up I was hittin your ex hoe
Shit I kept low, petro' your metro
Politic, keep the chickenheads gobblin
Shit I'm drivin in, come with funk halogen
Terrorize your city, from the spliff committee
Kick ass till both Timberlands turn shitty
Gritty, smack the driver's head in the chin see
When I approach rappers be takin notes
I drop like I shoulda invented the raincoat
Absolut, I love to burn to the roots
I keep comin til your pour sperm from your boots
Vigilante hardcore to the penis
Tell you fuck you my attitude is anemic

I'm the illest nigga alive, watch me prove it
I snatch your crown witcha h
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Taken from the album  by MASTER P
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