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Viewing Lyrics for Bored Of You:

Artist:Pursuit Of Happiness
Album:Downward Road
Track:Bored Of You
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:You're a rebel, you're a dude
You tried to be aloof
But she tamed your wild heart
Now you're just another lovesick goof

You were hard but you broke down
You let your guard down for a minute
Turned sweet, turned nice
You gave a shit and now you're in it

You got down on your knees
You said she was your queen
You treated her like royalty
But it only made her mean

Now she's bored -- bored of you
You killed her love with kindness, buddy
Now she's bored -- bored of you
Nice guys finish last

Hey bad boy, too late to cry
You're already out of mind
She's got a new mark in her sights
She left you standing in the dog food line

Your love made you weak
But your hate will make you strong
You're blinded by pain
But you won't be for long

You didn't have the strength to resist her carnal forces
Now she's cut you loose to run with her other broken horses

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Taken from the album  by Pursuit Of Happiness
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