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Viewing Lyrics for They Got Me:

Artist:Real Live
Track:They Got Me
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[ Verse 1 ]
I represent the struggle in the worst way
I'm shakin niggaz for they cream 'n bangin bitches on the first date
I got a prize in my stash
This nigga hit me with some work so now I gots to get the cash
But some niggaz wanna fade me out, play me out
Hit me with a toast and lay me out
They wanna see the old shiver
Fill a nigga with black Rhinos, body in a river
And all I had to do was hustle right
But I ain't payin them niggaz no mind, cos yo my shit's tight
And now it's time to make that one stop
Hit them niggaz with the crop then I bounce from the block
I'm dreamin of a big body styled with black leather
I stacked enough cream to flip a scheme and get my head together
But some niggaz wanna seize my plans
They bust a cap in my man and put my ass in a van

[ Verse 2 ]
They got a nigga handcuffed, no question it's mad rough
They doin that mafioso stuff
Why am I visualizin faces of death
They hit me with a bang I'm leakin, I'm runnin out of breath
I had to go and play slick
I be the crack four ki's and now they on my dick
I wanted cold cash, hoes, all that good shit, you know how it goes
I used to live beneath the surface, underworld on purpose
Have a nigga shakin, lookin nervous
Now I'm dreamin, drippin, thinkin
Right before my eyes I saw my life blinkin
Now that's serious, son, it's Code Red, I'm cold dead
With 3 bullets in my head
Now they thinkin of a place to drop me
I'm cold fucked up, y'all niggaz got me
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