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Viewing Lyrics for The Shining 5 58:

Artist:Sabbath Black
Album:Eternal Idol
Track:The Shining 5 58
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Bells will take their toll
On your way
There's no way we're born to shine
Before our time ,all your life, you're
On your own
Lonely road
Lost in a time
Let the light lead your way
To the golden throne
It's the only way

Rise up to the shining
Live long live now
Rise up to the shining
Don't be blind by fools again
Rise up to the shining
Love long live now

Oh rise up, to the shining
Wise up they're gonna steal your mind
Rise up, the house is gonna haunt you
No one laughed, no one cried
You stayed too long
You're finally gonna stay
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