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Artist:Sammy Hagar
Album:Standing Hampton
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Chas Sanford)

You and I stood on separate sides
If we get too close we'd only hide
Any other way but face to face
And I'd be willin' to give you all
So take a little you don't have to fall
If you want the fruits, you'll have to taste

Surrender, so I can give you my love
Surrender, I don't wanna be the one
Tuggin' on an empty sleeve
I can't stop 'cause all I need girl is you

Now everybody knows I'm stuck on you
So what's with all these games that we go through
You can take your time and watch me walk away


Don't ya see I been riding out the tide
Patient right from the start
But all this waiting's like an arrow in my side
Look at me, can't you see my heart
Beat, beat, beat, beating for


I could be the one that you've waited for
But you'll never know once I shut the door
I'm gonna make my move, don't let me walk away

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Taken from the album  by Sammy Hagar
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    Sammy Hagar Surrender Standing Hampton 1981

    1981 David Geffen Company all rights reserved Geffen Records distributed in the U.S. by MCA You and I stood on separate sides If we get too close...

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    Rick Nielsen shows Sammy Hagar opening chord to "Surrender"

    No wonder nobody could figure this chord out!!

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    Live From Daryl's House - "Surrender"

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    Sammy Hagar - The Yogi's So High (I'm Stoned) (1997) HQ

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