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Viewing Lyrics for Are You Gonna Give:

Artist:Scotti Nick
Album:Wake Up Everybody
Track:Are You Gonna Give
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Written by Andres Levin, Camus Celli, G. Route and J.M. Rivera

In this world, that we live in
How much loving are you gonna give

Everybody's looking for the saviour to
be resurrected
Looking to the heavens for someone to
come down and protect us
Everybody's in a race and there's no
time to stop and look behind us
Never ever trying to break these chains
that always seem to bind us

Wanna change the world
Ain't nobody
Making changes
Whether boy or girl
Everybody, everybody
Want to rule the world
Ain't nobody
Making changes
Whether boy or girl
And life goes

Everybody's always talking
brotherhood for generations
Always saying how the past is wrong
but you're not making changes
Everybody says they're gonna take their
time but do nothing 'bout it
In the end your own best friend should
be the one you turn to 'cause


(c)1992 Virgin Music/Cool Bananas Music ASCAP/Virgin Songs/Boneless Music BMI/Virgin Music/My Gy Music/Shock Songs ASCAP
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