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Viewing Lyrics for A Bark In The Dark:

Artist:Sesame Street
Track:A Bark In The Dark
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Voice #1: I heard a bark. Go out and see what it is.

Voice #2: A bark?

Voice #1: Go on and see.

Voice #2: Okay, but it's awfully dark out here.

(There might be a line here I don't recall. We see the light from a flashlight shining around. Suddenly, the sound of knocking into something is heard.)

Voice #1: What happened? I heard a bump.

Voice #2: Oh, it's just me. I tripped over that broken chair.

Voice #1: An old broken chair? Can't you take that to the dump?

Voice #2: Not in the dark, I can't. Now leave me alone! (Pause. Light shines around.) Sure is dark out here ... (Pause.) Wait a minute? Did you hear a little, tiny bark?

Voice #1: No, I didn't hear a bark.

Voice #2: Well, I was sure I heard a ...

Voice #3: Bark!

Voices #1 and #2: YEEEOOOWWW!

(Light shines on the owner of the third voice --a spotted brown puppy.)

Puppy: Can you give me directions to the park? Rrruff!
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