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Viewing Lyrics for A BAD CLICHE:

Artist:Sheridan Cosy
Album:Grand Design
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Cosy Sheridan: acoustic guitar & vocal
John Pierce: bass
Ricardo Monzon: percussion
Rick Harris: banjo

i have an uncle, he's a dirty old man. i grew up with a bad cliche
i have learned to find other things to do on family holidays
i have tried to love the sinner and only hate the sin
but whoever wrote that never got caught in a dark corner with him
i keep a baseball bat under my bed and i always leave on a light
the same time each year i get up and check the locks
sometimes three times at night
and if God helps those who help themselves
where was God in my formative years
Why give me a voice to call out with and then deafen so many ears?
i have tried to forget his breath,
i have tried to forget his hands
the mechanics don't confuse me like they used to
but I still don't understand
the 9-year-old she was frightened
the 12-year-old learned not to care
stick a sharp thin knife long into her heart
she could not even feel it was there
and there's a patch of skin between my shoulder blades
that's still just a little bit numb
it seems to be there to remind me
of the destruction i have undone
i try to love the sinner but it's more than the sin will allow
i've looked a long time into the dark,
hoping the truth would show me how
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