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Viewing Lyrics for Open For Suggestions:

Track:Open For Suggestions
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:And I hope my voice reaches you tonight
as the moon fades into the water.
And as the waves drape across your knees
I hope that your thinking of (or at least trying to)

How warm it could be if I were there.

So when you hear the screaming from the hills above,
just realize I am not that far away (maybe I am too close).
And I've got my eyes locked on your heart
and I'll capture you anyway I can.

Now I hear the steps above us
and I'm glad your mouth's stuffed with cotton.
It's way to stop the bleeding, (1 of 3 ways)
but it only makes the pain last longer.

But, “Hey I'll make you love me,
or I'll die trying”.
I'm trying anyway I can.
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