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Artist:Taylor James
Date Added:18/10/2007
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JT on Sony.com: Boatman is my brother Livingston's song.
I've always assumed it was about how he and Maggie saved their marriage but I never really asked. In my family we like to save the intimate stuff for the general public.

Hearts were exploding around us
As we drifted south down the bay
The gray up above and gray down below
Left us with nothing to say

So we drifted along in silence
'Til the tickle of life trickled in
And the rhythm began in the hiss of the sand
We were catching fire again

Oh boatman, I am the river
I am the mountain and the sea
Oh boatman, taker and giver
Can you deliver me
I would forever run free

Yeah we finally caught up with legends
We were walking along side by side
We worked out a plan
To go out hand in hand
But the long trail just wasn't that wide

The water around us was freezing
We just laughed and threw ourselves in
And although we were old
The sting of that cold
Pumped up the feeling, here it is again


Oh I'm a message in a bottle
Drifting along on a deep blue sea
Waiting for some foreign shore
Ready for something to be

No longer afraid of falling
We cut the strings to the sky
We found level ground
And we put ourselves down
Amazing we all didn¹t die

We took each moment as given
By second by second they came
The ice and the sun and the thundering guns
Good God I was finally sane

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Taken from the album  by Taylor James
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