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Viewing Lyrics for Abandon Fire:

Artist:Taylor Roger
Album:Strange Frontier
Track:Abandon Fire
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:join our army, join our band
join our army and be a real man
abandon hope who enter here
land of hopelessness and fear
a band of gypsies a band of gold
won't save your hide won't save your soul
caught like a fly on the face of the Eiger
there's a smile on the face of the tiger
is this your answer
you know the answer
join our army, join our band
join our army and be a real man
the fires of hell would feel ice cold
as sure as time you'll soon grow old
tears of heartache, tears of rage
from living in a tiring age

listen to the rhythms of the city life
listen to the rhythms of your soul
listen to the rustling in the undergrowth
follow in their footsteps to your goal

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Taken from the album  by Taylor Roger
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