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Artist:The Hollies
Track:Laughter Turns To Tears
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Makeup on your shoulder silence in the air
Tonight those telltale signs are everywhere
As you lay beside her talkin' in your dreams
The game is up and laughter turns to tears

Every time you phone her with a dumb excuse
She starts to think that she's outgrown her use
You'll be home by midnight workin' late it seems
The penny drops and laughter turns to tears

Do you think she's crazy
Don't you think she knows
Do you think she's taken in
Don't you think it shows

When laughter turns to tears
Laughter turns to tears

You can send her roses say she's lookin' great
You can talk of love but it may be too late
You may think she's jokin' as her laughter teems
But with tears
And laughter turns to screams


Now it won't be easy
Finding words to say
how you really feel inside
You take the game away

When laughter turns to tears
Laughter turns to tears

One day it's gonna shake you up
Take you by surprise
Someday it's gonna wake you up
Tears in your eyes

When laughter turns to tears
Laughter turns to tears x2
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