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Album:Making Contact
Track:All Over You
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Well you think you're the queen of Texas
Who you foolin' now?
Giving off an air of innocence
You ain't no sweet little flower

I thought I'd seen some cheatin' done
That I'd sung 'bout in the blues
It wasn't til you met me baby
I got the bad bad news
An' it's

* All over you, yes it is
All over you
All over you, baby it's
All over you

Can you tell me what's the mystery
You try and hide away
Where's the money come to pay for that
Little adventure anyway

And you made all the right moves baby
You really turned a head
But when I was away from you
You were turning tricks instead
An' it's

* Repeat


Well I bet your mama doesn't know
What her baby's into now
And you know how much she can cost
When you pay by the hour
And I guess that you can fool yourself
Oh you do most of the time
But in whose bed do you sleep tonight
Oh babe that's the bottom line
An' it's

* Repeat and fade
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