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Track:Back Into My Life
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It's another night out on the avenue
Looking for something, something that you knew
And you're wondering where she is
Now there's now there's no more rendezvous

*You're left out here on this cold stark street
With the sound of lovers as they tango and meet
Their sweet surrender with a promise and a kiss
Where's that girl, the one you miss

Those ooh la la la girls in their skirts they go rushing by
They look around and give you that come on
With their dreamy dreamy eyes
Then you never stop to count your mistakes
That one blind moment with no give and take
Is lost in every stranger's face you see
If there's a loser that loser's me

** Please put a little love back into my life
Won't you please put a little love back into my life

Every night's another night you keep looking back
Trying to fill the spaces Hours and the minutes and the missing gaps

* Repeat

** Repeat


Every shadow's like a ghost that comes and haunts you
Angel of the night plays her tricks today it's true
With every step, every step you see her slip away
Not just today

It's another night out on the avenue
Looking for something, something that you knew
* Repeat

** Repeat and fade
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Taken from the album  by UFO
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