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Viewing Lyrics for Struggle Aint Got No Color:

Track:Struggle Aint Got No Color
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Intro: U-God w Hook]
Color ain't got no struggle... color..

[Hook 2X: U-God]
Move, grind, move, grind
Move, grind, move, grind

Yo, yo, it's hard to smile, cuz life's so for real
It's funny what people do just to get a mill
Some kill, rob, steal, sell crushed pills
Multimillion dollar deals, generatin' hills
But I got skills, there no need for violence
How that nigga stay hungry with degrees in science
Yeah, he needs a challenge, you'se an A-Class Pilot
The boy so vibrant, he walk like a tyrant
His mind's in the garbage, his spine is heartless
He's a one mind pirate, who gets his regardless
With felony charges, greedy coke-nosed clients
His nose is numb and he didn't read the fineprint
Accounts on minus, with a block of stress
And he can't close his eyelids cuz it don't care less
Yeah, they died on they blinders, he got mouths to feed
So he grieves over liquor, that his spouse might leave
And it leads him sicker, his house ain't been cleaned in a week
He can't sleep cuz his problem's gettin' deep, cuz

[Chorus: U-God ( w Hook )]
Struggle ain't got no color, kid
Color ain't got no color
Now, color ain't got no struggle, kid
Struggle ain't got no color
Now growin' up, it's a wild jungle, kid
Color ain't got no struggle
Same block, same clubs, same money, same drugs
Struggle ain't got no color

I can't sleep around heat, roaches and dust mites
In the winter time it's cold enough, nigga, to bust pipes
I'm like, Jesus Christ, yo, my socks is black
I'm hoodied up in the halls with the stocking cap
Rockin' forth and back, draggin' a huge cannon
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