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Track:Cats Are Taking Over
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:The Cats are Taking Over
(Leslie Fish)

They gather from the kitchen and they settle on the grate
The fix their big eyes on you as they set them down to wait.
You know you're gonna have to feed them off the People Plate,
I believe the cats are taking over.

I believe, I believe,
I believe the cats are taking over.

Early, early in the morning, when you're fast asleep,
Hand over hand up the blankets they will creep,
To yowl in your ear and escape you with a leap,
I believe the cats are taking over.

Up and down the fence at night, yowling loud and shrill,
The cats are making more cats, by dawn they're at it still,
Their babies come in litters and they do not take the pill,
I believe the cats are taking over.

They drive us out to organize bigger crowds each day
You blame it on psychology on politics or play,
In fact we're only making friends to give our cats away,
I believe the cats are taking over.

So there's your true conspiracy, I swear I do not lie,
The source of these upheavals that so trouble you and I,
So won't you take a kitten, please, Mr. FBI?
I believe the cats are taking over.

@animal @cats
filename[ CATSOVER
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