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Track:Courting Case
Date Added:18/10/2007
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O Sir, I see you come again
Pray tell me why it's so;
When I left you in Gordonsville
I told you to come no more.

O madam, I have come again,
I'll tell you why it's so :
When I left you in Gordonville,
I told you I was coming once more.

O madam, I have a very fine house,
It is new erected fine;
It all can be at your command
If you will be my bride.

Kind sir, I know your very fine house,
And also very nice yard;
O who will stay with me at night
When you are at playing of cards?

O madam, I don't play cards at night,
I never thought it was right;
If you will consent and marry me
I won't stay out one night.

Kind sir, I know what that is said for,
It's just to take me in;
When you get me at your command
You'll drink and gamble again.

O madam, I have a very fine field,
It's sixty acres wide;
It all can be at your command
If you will be my bride.

O sir, I know your very fine field,
And also very nice fruit;
When I come in, I'll turn you out,
Fur you know that hog will root.

O madam, I have a very fine horse,
His pace is like the tide.
If you will consent and marry me
O you may have him to ride.

O sir, I know your very fine horse,
Thee horse that knows no harm ;
His master loves to drink and gamble,
And I'm 'feared his horse might learn.

O madam, you have red, rosy cheeks,
And I have got my land;
O madam, you have your coal-black hair.
O keep them and be damned.

O sir, I have my red rosy cheeks,
And you have got your land;
O sir, I have my coal-black hair,
And they are another man's.

From English Folk Songs in the Southern Appalachians, Sharp.
Collected from Mrs. Lawson Gray, VA 1918
filename[ COURTNG
play.exe COURTNG
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