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Track:Georges Son
Date Added:18/10/2007
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There was George and there was George's son
Two finer dogs there never did run
They ran the sheep and they ran them well
And George's son, he could run like hell

Oh one dark night when all were safe asleep
To George's son, some devil did creep
Saying show your master, come show him true
What young George's son with them sheep can do

And how they scrambled and how they flew
And how they thundered that parish through
How high the cliff he drove them along
Oh, and in his ears was that devil's song

Their clattering bells roused the shepherd bold
And at that sound, oh his blood ran cold
And he prayed for mercy with all his might
Saying some demon rides with my sheep this night

And quickly quickly he ran the ground
And quickly quickly that cliff he found
And quickly quickly he raised his gun
And the devil smiled on young George's son.

A flock was lost and a fortune too
And a brisk young farmer cold ruin knew
To some laboring job he was forced to come
But his saddest loss was young George's son.

There was George and there was George's son
Two finer dogs there never did run
They ran the sheep and they ran them well
And George's son, he could run like hell

Based on chapter 5 of "Far from the Maddening Crowd" by Thomas

Recorded by Brass Monkey.
filename[ GEORGSON
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