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Track:Sally My Dear
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Sally, My Dear

Oh Sally my dear, your cheek I would kiss it,
Oh Sally my dear, your cheek I would kiss it;
She laughed and replied, "If you did, would you miss it?"
Sing fol the diddle di-do
Sing Whack fol the diddle day.

Oh Sally my dear, I would I could woo you, (2x)
She laughed and replied, "would then wooing undo you?"

If the young girls were fish, that swim in the water
Then all the young men would go and swim after.

If all the young girls were linnets and thrushes
Then all the young men would go beating the bushes.

Oh Sally my dear, 'tis the season for mating
She laughed and replied, "Why then are you waiting?"
Note: Possibly folk-processed from Two Magicians
filename[ SALLYDR
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