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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Through the open gates
she enters into the new world
Here bravery is peculiar
thoughts full of sorrow
With a great effort she
walks along the way
Sweat flowing in streams
down her body

Palpitations grow louder
as she approaches her goal
The mighty hill of lightning
she is expected here

Ride ride ride with the wind
Don't think about goodness
revenge is your aim
Revenge revenge revenge for the world
The dark time is over the magic will win

The wizard is invincible but far away
But his servants send her a bolt
And a hammer made of steel
The bolt will show her the way
And the hammer will fight with the power
Of the mighty wizard
Against the warriors of death

A white horse appears out of the dark
It will stand for all time by her side

Determined she rides into
the struggle for justice
The hell before her she is
screaming for revenge and she rides on
After some miles a horde of
dark shadows crosses her way
Is she hallucinating or
has she found the warriors of death
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