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Album:Time Warps And Various Other Spatial Anomalies
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:by Costin Tuculescu

I saw her face,
she smiles at me,
what sign or meaning could this be?
I take her by the hand but she says no.

I can't resist,
I must steal a kiss,
tomorrow she's gone and will be missed.
Guess I'll just wait, for her.

A sign of mine, she knows I'm hers,
but her smile still leaves me puzzled,
when I walk by my eyes meet her's
and I still don't know what this all means.

My heartbeat races,
there's so many faces,
but her face won't leave my mind,
I try to see her, but she won't show.

Understanding that time is short,
and I want more than her retorts,
this time, I just don't think I'll win.

Someday,I will see her again,
and when that day comes,
I will know, what to do,
cuz I don't want it,
to end this way....again
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