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Album:Time Warps And Various Other Spatial Anomalies
Track:Moral Dillemma
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:by Costin Tuculescu
Her innoncence she wears
like a scarlet letter around her neck.
So heavy is the burden
of saving her soul from their mistakes.
Her eyes see only goodness
in a world corrupt with filth.
Why must I be the one to bear
the grief that so many other relieve.
If only it was so simple,
If only no one ever got hurt,
If the actions lacked the consequence,
I would've done it all before.
She taunts me to corrupt her soul
and everyday I refuse.
But the weight she bears is growing strong
and I fear that I will lose.
But Its not I who loses,
for I have seen and done much more.
If only she would realize,
its her innocence I adore
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