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Track:Tonite, Im Yours
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:*featuring Tank

Oooh oooh
(I can never do too much)
Yea, um, I know I been gone for a minute but tonight, I'm all yours

[Chorus - Tank:]
Girl tonight, I'm yours
Turnin' off my two-way
Turnin' off my phone
I'll tell my friends to leave so we can be alone
Clear my schedule up
Cause tonight I swear I'm all yours
(I can never do too much)

Our whole relationship is based on trust
And for you I can never do too much
You, kept me secrets and held me down
Plus you, stayed loyal when I wasn't around
And I know it wasn't easy, I was never home
Concerts, videos, and you was all alone
We spent many talkin' on the phone
You started catchin attitudes
I heard it in yo tone
I used to tell I'll be back when I could
You think I'd leave my babygirl in the hood
I would never do such thing
I wanna show you what true love brings
Imma put you on a pedestal, love so incredible
Victoria Secret's candy thong so edible
Spiritual, mental, not just sexual
I'll deaden all my plans to get next to you


I made reservations at your favorite spot
Pull up, tip the valet at the parking lot
Got a table by the fireplace, candlelit
Tonight, we gone stick to the manuscript
Start it out with a bottle of Cris, followed by a kiss
I can taste your lip gloss on my lips
So, candy sweet with your bubble gum tongue
The type of stuff that keep a brother straight sprung
And I try to play the tough guy role
And hold back but I'm losing control
When it comes to you I can't explain how it feels
No more games baby, Zane is for real
You been askin' for quality time, now you got
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