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Viewing Lyrics for School In China:

Artist:Tai Mai Shu
Track:School In China
Date Added:02/06/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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Taken from the album  by Tai Mai Shu
  1. Thumbnail 1:03

    Tai Mai Shu - School In China

    Tai Mai Shu (Bradley Lum) - I thought they would love me in China!

    Views: 31

  2. Thumbnail 1:03

    Bradley Lum-"Tai Mai Shu" The CockyAsians Comedy Tour-School In China

    Comedian BRADLEY LUM (The CockyAsians)-aka Asian Rap Star "Tai Mai Shu." His comedy style consists of unique sounds, beat boxing, and impressions...

    Views: 6

  3. Thumbnail 3:49

    Tai Mai Shu - Chinese Freestyle Rap (UNCENSORED)

    This version decensored for your enjoyment by PACR. Center Channel enhanced. Stereo image tweaked. Equalization tweaked.

    Views: 14

  4. Thumbnail 2:28

    Chinese Chicken Prank Call -- Tai Mai Shu

    haha funny stuff.

    Views: 19

  5. Thumbnail 3:49

    tai mai shu lyrics japanese freestel rap

    tai mai shu lyrics in the video.

    Views: 21

  6. Thumbnail 4:43

    Tai Mai Shu - Chinese Freestyle Rap (Uncensored Clean Audio)

    Microphone test 1, 2, 3...in the place do be!

    Views: 0

  7. Thumbnail 4:41

    Tai Mai Shu-Freestyle Chinese Rap

    Our Final project for production and performance at Westconn. Six years late on youtube. We don't own the rights to any of this music.

    Views: 21

  8. Thumbnail 1:17

    Tai Mai Shu - Public Restroom

    Tai Mai Shu (Bradley Lum) - Why I hate public restrooms.

    Views: 5

  9. Thumbnail 12:39

    TMS 2

    An evening with Comedian & Chef Bradley Lum, AKA Tai Mai Shu PT2.

    Views: 0

  10. Thumbnail 0:26

    Tai Mai Shu - I hate public restrooms

    Tai Mai Shu (Bradley Lum) - From the CockyAsian Comedy Tour at the San Francisco Punchline.

    Views: 0

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