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Video Views: 8 - Today Views: 1 - Video Date Added: 18/02/2017

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Artist:Tamar Braxton
Date Added:21/06/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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Taken from the album  by Tamar Braxton
  1. Thumbnail 5:01

    Tamar Braxton - Blind

    Tamar Braxton's latest single "Blind" from her 'Bluebird of Happiness' album Get Bluebird of Happiness - http://smarturl.it/bluebirdofhappiness A...

    Views: 2

  2. Thumbnail 4:11

    Tamar Braxton - All the Way Home

    Tamar Braxton's official music video for 'All The Way Home'. Click to listen to Tamar Braxton on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/TamarBSpotify?IQid=T...

    Views: 7

  3. Thumbnail 3:18

    Tamar Braxton - My Man

    Tamar Braxton's latest single "My Man" Available now for download and streaming: iTunes: https://itun.es/us/YOnrjb?i=1229249360 Apple Music: ...

    Views: 3

  4. Thumbnail 4:03

    Tamar Braxton - Official "Love and War" Music Video

    View the official music video for Tamar Braxton's #1 single, "Love and War". The visual is directed by Walid Azami, whose creativity you witnesse...

    Views: 7

  5. Thumbnail 3:37

    Tamar Braxton Talks Divorce In First Interview

    In Tamar Braxton's first interview to promote Tamar and Vince Season 5, Tamar confirms that she is divorcing Vince for the first time publicly. T...

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  6. Thumbnail 35:21

    Tamar Braxton On Her Final Album, Not Wanting Drama, Producing For TV & More

    Listen LIVE: http://power1051fm.com/ ? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Power1051NY/ ? Twitter: https://twitter.com/power1051/ ? Instagram: ...

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  7. Thumbnail 10:37

    Tamar Braxton on Marriage, Music and Why God is Good

    The beautiful and talented Tamar Braxton tells us about her new album, "Bluebird of Happiness". Then, Tamar tells us how Vince is doing after his...

    Views: 1

  8. Thumbnail 2:55

    Tamar Braxton - The One

    Tamar Braxton's official music video for 'The One'. Click to listen to Tamar Braxton on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/TamarBSpotify?IQid=TamarBTO A...

    Views: 22

  9. Thumbnail 4:12

    Tamar Braxton - My Man (Audio)

    Get 'My Man' - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/my-man-radio-edit-single/id1229246320?ls=1&app=itunes Follow Tamar Braxton Instagram: ...

    Views: 6

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