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Viewing Lyrics for Yo Valentine's Project:

Artist:A Yo
Track:Yo Valentine's Project
Date Added:21/06/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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Taken from the album  by A Yo
  1. Thumbnail 4:02

    A Yo-Yo Valentine's Project

    http://missouriquiltco.com - Jenny demonstrates how to add some cute yo-yos to a pretty Valentine's project. For a wide selection of adorable yo-...

    Views: 2

  2. Thumbnail 4:04

    How to make yoyo - craft project

    Hi friends. Today i decided to show you how to make yoyos because we need them for the next project. You can also find me here ...

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  3. Thumbnail 3:44

    Lil YoYo Ashmon Back With upma sharma || Valentine Girl 2017 Brand new Song || Raj Gupt

    Special Thanks To YoYo Honey Singh Song ? valentine girl Starring ? Lil 'yoyo Ashmon. & Upma Sharma Lyrics? Lil 'yoyo Ashmon. Music- Nikhil & Piy...

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  4. Thumbnail 6:29

    How to sew a heart shaped yo-yo

    Cynthia Ann with Somebodylaughed will show you step by step how to sew fabric yo-yos in a heart shape.

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  5. Thumbnail 3:47

    Sewing Fabric Yo-Yos and Suffolk Puffs Together

    How to sew fabric yo-yos / suffolk puffs together to create bed spreads, table runners etc. Download the file mentioned in the video here: ...

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  6. Thumbnail 8:34

    Quick and Easy Valentines Project using the Echo Quilting Foot

    This is a great Project to practice using your Echo Quilting Foot. Using just a few scraps of fabric and batting your get a unique little quilt. ...

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  7. Thumbnail 9:00

    Yo-Yo heart tutorial

    Thank you so much for watching and subscribing!

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  8. Thumbnail 2:57
  9. Thumbnail 7:55

    Sew a Yo-Yo, yoyo, make a quilt or other great project out of yo-yos

    Grab some fabric scraps, a circle you can trace, thread and a needle and you are ready to make a yo-yo. I have taught children as young as 6 to m...

    Views: 0

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