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Artist:Black Happy
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:So many things have changed in my short life
that I thought would always be there
Yet when all that passes by my eyes none of it
will come as a big surprise, I'm expecting it
To tell the truth I know that when my eyes are closed
and shut again I'll be happy that way
Cause if I don't know where I'm going
if I don't know where I've been
maybe you can show me now
can you tell me how

I'm going home

When I'm too small to see it all, I hold on tight so I won't fall
and lose myself Cause if I don't know where tomorrow is how can I
tell where today has been and when I'm going

I'm going home

Something looking like a mail order wolverine
just nodded it's head at me
Shout 'bout the looks and sounds that I've heard and seen
Mad about the fact I'm free from his multiheaded smile that
he is shining on, rising in the face of man, holding back everything
he is holding while I'm smiling at him I'm free from him
Home I wish I was homeward bound

If I had sight and I could feel would that finally make me real
or can you answer that to me, you won't fall behind me anyway

so I've gotta' watch you every day so I don't join you today
I'm going home
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