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Date Added:07/07/2016
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Taken from the album  by Wendy
  1. Thumbnail 6:38

    Wendy Pretend Play Baby Bedtime w/ Cute Girl Baby Dolls Toys

    Wendy pretend plays babysitting cute girl baby dolls and tries to put them to bed. Wendy has to go to school and ask Uncle K to watch her baby do...

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  2. Thumbnail 17:07

    ?Mon 8e mois de grossesse - Une pause s'impose... ?GOLDEN WENDY

    Cette fois ça y est, c'est la toute fin : je suis entrée dans mon neuvième mois de grossesse, l'arrivée de bébé ne se compte désormais plus qu'en...

    Views: 0

  3. Thumbnail 4:24

    Wendy & Jannie Pretend Play Late for School Wake Up Morning Routine for Kids

    Wendy & Jannie pretend play that they are late for school and have to do their morning routine for kids. Wendy's school alarm goes off and needs ...

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  4. Thumbnail 9:17

    Omar Epps: From Fatherless to Fatherhood

    Actor Omar Epps tells us about his new book, "From Fatherless to Fatherhood". Then, Omar tells us about his breakout role in "Juice", what it was...

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  5. Thumbnail 5:57

    Wendy Pretend Play w/ Post Office Mailbox Kids Dress Up Mail Carrier Costume Toys

    Wendy Pretend Play with post office mailbox kids toys! Uncle John went to the post office to find out why his mail was never delivered. Wendy for...

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  6. Thumbnail 1:11

    Without Wendy, Red Velvet couldn?t help but to give up on the high note parts of the songs.

    Instead of singing Wendy's part, Red Velvet members had to play the background music because they were not able to do the high notes. ? Read More...

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  7. Thumbnail 2:01

    Wendy Williams On Living With Grave's Disease

    Talk show host Wendy Williams opens up about her recovery from the on-air collapse she suffered last year. She discusses how she's living with Gr...

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  8. Thumbnail 2:22

    eSHUN @? Wendy Shay Ignored me when i reached out to her..

    Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/tgE9H9 contact us at: ghpage4@gmail.com For more interesting stories log on to https://www.ghpage.com Fa...

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