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Date Added:07/07/2016
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Taken from the album  by Wendy
  1. Thumbnail 6:10

    Wendy Pretend Play Cooking with Food Truck Tent & Wooden BBQ Grill Toys

    Wendy pretend play with her food truck tent and cool wooden BBQ grill toys! Wendy is selling pretend food when suddenly it starts to rain. Auntie...

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  2. Thumbnail 6:30

    Wendy Pretend Play CLEANING with her Giant Washing Machine & Cleaning Toys

    Wendy is pretend playing with her giant washing machine and other fun cleaning toys! Wendy is cleaning up with her vacuum cleaner and washing mac...

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  3. Thumbnail 6:00

    Emma & Wendy Pretend Play COOKING Competition with Cute Giant Kitchen Toy

    Emma and Wendy pretend play cooking competition with her cute giant kitchen toy playset! Emma wants to cook something with pretend food, so she g...

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  4. Thumbnail 3:19

    Wendy Shay - Bedroom Commando (Official Video)

    Music video by Wendy Shay performing 'Bedroom Commando'. Directed by Yaw Skyface. (C) 2018. RuffTown Records / Midas Touch Inc #WendyShay ...

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  5. Thumbnail 5:42

    Wendy Pretend Play STACKING Game with Giant Cup Wall

    Wendy is pretend playing the stacking game with cups and makes a giant cup wall! Wendy and Uncle John also try to build a giant pyramid out of co...

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  6. Thumbnail 3:32


    WENDY SHAY TO DROP HER NEW TRACK BEDROOM COMMANDO TOMORROW. WAIT FOR IT. Please subscribe to this channel for more videos and ...

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  7. Thumbnail 5:51

    Wendy Pretend Play with ICE CREAM Drive Thru Toy Store

    Wendy pretend plays with her ice cream drive thru toy store! She is selling all kinds of different ice cream toys. Auntie arrives and orders a ba...

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  8. Thumbnail 4:44

    Wendy Pretend Play with Girl Makeup Toys & Disney Princess Dolls

    Wendy pretend plays with girl makeup toys and has a tea party with Disney princess dolls. Wendy sees Auntie playing with makeup toys and wants to...

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  9. Thumbnail 6:01

    Wendy Pretend Play with ATM Machine Toy! Kid Learning How To Save Money

    Wendy learns how to save money by pretend playing with an ATM machine toy. Wendy is trying to buy a toy, but doesn't have enough money. She goes ...

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