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Date Added:07/07/2016
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Taken from the album  by Wendy
  1. Thumbnail 11:40

    Wendy Pretend Play w/ Giant Mermaid Castle Inflatable Jumping Bouncer

    Wendy pretend plays with a giant mermaid castle inflatable jumping bouncer for kids! Wendy didn't have enough money to buy the mermaid castle, so...

    Views: 0

  2. Thumbnail 9:56

    Wendy Pretend Play w/ McDonald?s Inflatable Restaurant Drive Thru Food Toy

    Wendy pretend play with a McDonald's inflatable drive thru restaurant food toy for kids. Uncle John watches Wendy's McDonald's restaurant, but do...

    Views: 0

  3. Thumbnail 10:48

    Police Jannie & Wendy Pretend Play LOCKED UP w/ Jail Playhouse

    Police Jannie and Wendy pretend play at their jail playhouse and giving people jail time. Police Jannie reminds people to follow the rules and no...

    Views: 0

  4. Thumbnail 10:28

    Wendy Pretend Play Morning Routine Brushing Teeth w/ Giant Pikachu Pokemon

    Wendy and Pikachu from Pokemon pretend play their morning routine and brushing their teeth. Wendy reminds her friend Pikachu to brush his teeth o...

    Views: 0

  5. Thumbnail 12:12

    Wendy Pretend Play w/ Hello Kitty Kitchen &Tea Party Kids Food Toys

    Wendy pretend play with her new Hello Kitty kitchen playset and has a tea party! Wendy and Auntie Joyce is preparing food and drinks for their te...

    Views: 0

  6. Thumbnail 11:31

    Wendy & Jannie Pretend Play Kids Got Talent Nursery Rhymes Sing-Along Song Challenge

    Wendy & Jannie perform at the kids got talent show and sings a lot of nursery rhymes songs. Uncle John wants to join too, but it is for kids only...

    Views: 0

  7. Thumbnail 12:36

    Wendy & Lyndon Pretend Play Singing Nursery Rhymes Kids Songs at the Talent Show

    Wendy and Lyndon are singing nursery rhymes songs for kids and pretend playing with instrument toys at the talent show! They begin with the Twink...

    Views: 0

  8. Thumbnail 5:51

    Wendy Pretend Play with ICE CREAM Drive Thru Toy Store

    Wendy pretend plays with her ice cream drive thru toy store! She is selling all kinds of different ice cream toys. Auntie arrives and orders a ba...

    Views: 2

  9. Thumbnail 6:33

    ABC Song | Wendy Pretend Play Learning Alphabet w/ Toys & Nursery Rhyme Songs

    Wendy and Lyndon pretend play learning their ABCs with toys and nursery rhyme song. Wendy is playing with her alphabet toys and suddenly they sta...

    Views: 0

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