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Date Added:07/07/2016
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  1. Thumbnail 5:50

    Wendy Pretend Play Learn Colors with Kinetic Sand Rainbow Ice Cream Kid Toys

    Wendy pretend play learning colors with a giant turtle sandbox with colorful kinetic sand. She scoops the sand into ice cream with her beach kid ...

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  2. Thumbnail 2:47

    This Is The Way Song | Wendy Pretend Play Morning School Routine Nursery Rhymes Song

    How do you get ready for school in the morning? Have fun dancing and singing along to This Is The Way nursery rhymes song by Toys and Colors! Sub...

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  3. Thumbnail 5:40

    Wendy Pretend Play Coke vs Pepsi Learn Colors while Shopping for Soda

    Wendy pretend play learning colors while shopping for soda. What do you like better Coke or Pepsi? Subscribe for notifications to new videos: ...

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  4. Thumbnail 10:26

    Wendy & Liam Pretend Play w/ Giant Coca Cola Vending Machine & Kid Refrigerator Toy

    Wendy and Liam pretend play with a giant Coca Cola vending machine and refrigerator toy! Uncle John goes shopping for a Coca Cola machine for Wen...

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  5. Thumbnail 6:11

    Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream Song | Wendy Pretend Play Singing Kid Nursery Rhymes

    Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream Song with Wendy pretend play singing fun nursery rhymes for kids! Have fun singing along with our cute nursery rhy...

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  6. Thumbnail 9:45

    Wendy Pretend Play with Inflatable Princess Carriage Toy

    Wendy, Liam, and Lyndon pretend play with inflatable princess carriage and monster truck toy! They have a fun time playing with ballpit balls and...

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  7. Thumbnail 5:35

    Wendy Pretend Play Huge Easter Surprise Eggs Hunt w/ Liam & Lyndon

    Wendy, Liam, and Lyndon pretend play looking for huge Easter surprise eggs. The Easter Bunny hid surprise eggs all over the house and the kids ha...

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  8. Thumbnail 24:10

    Wendy Staffel 1 Folge 12

    Alle Folgen in einer Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnnB56wCJIiHg4VKWAleE7EKwnMKPBuF6.

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  9. Thumbnail 5:38

    Wendy Pretend Play w/ Hamburger Drive Thru Restaurant Fast Food Toy Store

    Wendy pretend play with her drive thru restaurant selling fast food kids toys! She has hotdog toys, French fry toys, hamburger toys, and soda toy...

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