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Date Added:07/07/2016
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Taken from the album  by Wendy
  1. Thumbnail 13:12

    Peek a Boo Song | +Wendy Pretend Play w/ Sing-Along Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

    Wendy and her family pretend play hide and seek to the peek a boo nursery rhyme song made for kids! Sing-along and play with Wendy, Auntie Rose, ...

    Views: 0

  2. Thumbnail 11:31

    Wendy & Jannie Pretend Play Kids Got Talent Nursery Rhymes Sing-Along Song Challenge

    Wendy & Jannie perform at the kids got talent show and sings a lot of nursery rhymes songs. Uncle John wants to join too, but it is for kids only...

    Views: 0

  3. Thumbnail 11:19

    Wendy Pretend Play Hide and Seek with Giant Elmo Toy for Kids

    Wendy pretend plays hide and seek with a giant Elmo! Wendy is playing with her little Elmo plush and Uncle Tim comes by with a giant Elmo on a wa...

    Views: 0

  4. Thumbnail 10:58

    Wendy Pretend Play w/ Indoor Playground & Sings Peekaboo Song for Kids

    Wendy and Auntie Joyce goes to an indoor playground and plays hide and seek with the peekaboo song! The indoor playground has all kinds of fun ac...

    Views: 0

  5. Thumbnail 4:24

    Wendy & Jannie Pretend Play Late for School Wake Up Morning Routine for Kids

    Wendy & Jannie pretend play that they are late for school and have to do their morning routine for kids. Wendy's school alarm goes off and needs ...

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  6. Thumbnail 6:07

    Emma Jannie & Wendy Pretend Play Halloween Trick Or Treat Costume Dress Up for Candy Haul

    Emma, Jannie, Wendy, and Lyndon pretend play Halloween trick or treating for huge candy haul! Emma wakes up everybody to get costumes to go trick...

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  7. Thumbnail 5:22

    Wendy Pretend Play as Princess Ariel Mermaid Swimming Kids Birthday Pool Party

    Wendy pretend play as Princess mermaid Ariel and has a birthday pool party! Auntie told Wendy to finish her homework and then she can play. Aunti...

    Views: 0

  8. Thumbnail 5:38

    Wendy Pretend Play w/ Hamburger Drive Thru Restaurant Fast Food Toy Store

    Wendy pretend play with her drive thru restaurant selling fast food kids toys! She has hotdog toys, French fry toys, hamburger toys, and soda toy...

    Views: 0

  9. Thumbnail 23:14

    Wendy Deutsch Neue Folgen 2017 #20

    Wendy Deutsch Neue Folgen 2017 #20 Abonnieren - https://goo.gl/rmdHRO Die 15-jährige Wendy Thorsteeg wohnt mit ihren Eltern, der Adoptivschwester...

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