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Viewing Lyrics for A Bag of Chips:

Artist:Boss Hogg
Track:A Bag of Chips
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:(Intro: Boss Hogg)
(*eating a bag of chips*)
Shit, niggas is hungry in this motherfucker
I'm talkin' about for a bag of chips youknowhatI'msayin' dog? I don't think you do
Nigga I ain't talkin' bout Bruffells nigga
I ain't talkin' about Pringles, Doritos or Freedos nigga
I'm talkin' about a bag of chips, oh you don't know what I'm talkin' about?
Yo Boss make it Hogg, run it down like dat there

I'm in this mode to gettin' a code - infra-red
I bust legal presidents - preferrably dead
I've examined my financal situation and found shit
I'm incredibly grose, fuck it, it's goin' down
I, investigate the blue prints of the plot
To eliminate inferral incidents of me gettin' got
Double check the plan it appears unflossed
So without lettin' your Benz commence there's loads
Jump in a ride, and it gets on to the designated
Spot got the glock, cock 'em highly motivated
Kick in the door, lettin' all the niggas try to flee
You guess correct, this is a robbery
Don't nothin' move the money as I engage in theft
Stick the cash in the sack, exit stays left
Um, police lookin' for the description who fits
Fat black motherfucker with big ass bag of chips

(Chorus: CPO)
Now I'm just lettin' my point be made
I simply gots ta, gots ta get paid
The one and only guy that'll search the grain
Don't stop, now until I gets a bag of chips
Nigga, I'm just lettin' my point be made
I simply gots ta, gots ta, gots ta get paid
The one and only guy that'll search the grain
Don't stop not until I gets a bag of chips

I'm twistin' corners in the Beamer
I'm dodgin' the po
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