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Album:Stationary Traveller
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:All songs written by Andy Latimer except
'After Words' by Ton Scherpenzeel.
All lyrics by Susan Hoover.

Produced by Andy Latimer.
Engineered by David Hutchins.

Mixed by Greg Ladanyl except "Pressure Points"
Mixed by Andy Latimer and Haydn Bendall.

Assistant Engineers: Nico Bolas, Richard

Recorded at Riverside Studios, England.
Mixed in Los Angeles, California.
Mastered by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab,
Los Angeles.

Sleeve Design: The Artifex Studio, London.
Album Co-ordination: Susan Hoover.

Merit Badges to:
Reinhard Klaassen and Charles Shiddell for
confidence and support.
Carl Leighton-Pope and Valerie Potter for
staying power.
Haydn Bendall for unbounding enthusiasm
and energy (y.c.)
Dave Hutchins for endurance, giggles, and
Susan Hoover for constant inspiration.

Task Force:
UK Division: Maria, Gerard, Martin, Laurie,
Brian, Ruth, Pete & Jools, Doreen, Wee 'P', Mel
(one-take) Collins, Andy Dalby, Wendy Miller,
Alan Parsons (for nosh) and Kate Bush for the
US Division: Greg Siehl and Dru Redwine, Rog
and Murry Wells, Teddy-B and Steve.

CAMEL are managed by: D.I.Y. Management.
CAMEL FAN CLUB: Wnedy Miller,
10 Sutherland Ave., London W9 2HQ.

Ton Scherpenzeel appears courtesy of CBS

(c) 1984 The Decca Record Company Limited,
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