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Artist:Cece Winans
Track:On That Day
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:The world is movin much too fast
mother's have kids, they outlast
young men think it's hard to pass this way

Everybody's tryin hard
to find a world in a life that's flawed
When each one should be thanking God
all the way

I want to see you on that day
On that day
On that day
You know I want to see you on that day
On that day
On that day

We're chasing wordly vanity
Some of us living in insanity
forgetting our humanity with no way

Break the bonds that tie your flesh
without Him then life is death
only He will not transgress
there's no way
open up your heart and know
our debts were paid for long ago
and love is all we really owe
(for a way)

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