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Viewing Lyrics for Just Like You:

Artist:Count The Stars
Track:Just Like You
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Now I bet you found a lot of new things to do,
I see you smile, we wake at noon
Now I stick around just to know you'll be alright, when I'm fine
I still fell your heartbeat when I pull away
Distant fade to shade then you come awake
I feel I'm very into you, yes we're far

Face up, today I'm gonna find that I'm just like you
Face up, today I'm gonna find that I'm just like you
Just because your coming out
Don't look away to pass the doubt on you
I'm just like you

You could be something sweet, or pure, or senseless
You're always defenseless, but now your shaking
Oh my God, I never though it would come to this, when I'm fine
You're like a city slut you sell your skin
You're taking it farther to make it end
You're taking it easy, to please me, why
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